Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Huh? Another blog???

Do I just have too much time on my hand? Do I really need another blog?
This being my other blog :

It is a blog about my studio, a studio where I teach kids and teens. Its about the students' work and whats going on the studio. From time to time I will also post up some other artists' work too.
But i find that lately I have been posting alot of my own works there, and the focus had change abit. On top of that, I find it weird that i post random and weird thing on the blog, as it kind of represent the studio...Soooo, why not another blog just for the other side of the studio, like the ME side of it. haha.

Here, I will post some of my works, good or bad (bad mostly...). And some other work the studio will do in the future, other than teaching. For example, there will be some animation projects, illustration projects (a big painting!) and some design work on the way. Hope you will like the Side B!