Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night I got a message from a parent.

Once in awhile, I will have angry parents telling me how bad a job I've been doing! Their kids had been in my class for 2 month and they don't see any big improvement. Or they don't see their children improve as quick as the others.

Seven or eight year ago, I might be all upset about how the parent think of me or my class. But now that I've been in the teaching business for over 15 years, I am actually happy that the parent are honest with me about it, instead of just quit and disappear. At the same time, I just feel sorry for the kids.

The child is 5, 6 year old and you cannot expect he or she to paint a master piece in 2 months. Sometime improvement will not shown on their sketchbook or drawing. Why do young children learn to draw? Other then learning the basic skill of drawing, they also need to learn to stay on task for an hour and have patient. Some parent have it wrong, they want their kid to draw like a adult in a year or so. Well, that's wont happen, or at least not in my class. I like to develops an interest of art within the children, when you are interested and have fun at what you are doing, I believe you will learn much quicker.

Sometime the most important thing about drawing is not the good looking picture at the end, it is process of drawing the picture. And that's what make being an artist fun.

Of course different children have different pace of learning, you just cant compair one to the other. if want you quick improvement within 2 months, others class will just force the children to draw draw draw with homeworks and assignments. The child might lost interest this way and that's the worst thing that could happen.

In the end I just suggest other art studio to the parent. Hope the child will continues to love art. That's probably the best thing I can do.

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