Thursday, September 22, 2011

A = B

This blog had been change from side B to A-Side!!

I switched the two sides.

Well, being Blue Tadpole Studio blog with the "B" becoming B-Side, and Andrew with the "A" becoming A-Side make more sense. Or maybe its not just about Andrew, maybe its about Art, or Animation, or Awesomenss!!!!! ( or am I making any sense here to anyone at all...but anyway, it make more sense to me.)

I also change the header and some layout abit,  I just think the tape thing is getting old and I hate it. I am also working on another blog, its mainly going to be about my portoflio class. It should be done in couples of day, its just not very up to date now. Will post a link here when I am finish. So check back later :)

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