Saturday, December 1, 2012

Characters update!

It seem I been slowing down with the 100 character, but in fact I was drawing alot of JoeJo comic, they are taking over alot of my time.

I had alot of fun designing character 33 - 41. I guess they all belong in the same universe, some kind of animal universe. and yes, i do have a story with them, its something that in my head for awhile already, so its nice to finally get it out of my head.. cause its kind of running out of room. lol
Maybe one day I will make a comic out of it or something like that.
Well, i am not done with character from this universe yet (hope you guy are not tried of them...) They will be back when i get around to character 80. I didnt even draw any bad guys yet!!! In the mean time, I will try to do character in a different way and style here and there.
Enough talking, back to the characters!!

I dont really like manga, but i dont hate it. I under the appeal to kids and teens, i also grow up with it, so i drew alot of it when i am a kid. So in the bunch of character i am going to something different and draw manga!!