Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mall sketches

I went to mall with some of my students last week. Not to shop, of course.

What we did was just sit at the food court and draw people eating their dinner. I used to do that alot with my co-worker, in-between job or just have nothing to do. It is a good drawing excises, I still find it usefull, and I need to do it more often.

At first, you will find it weird just sitting there looking at people and draw, its like stalking people, you dont want to get caught.... There weren't alot of people around when we were there anyways, i guess course its kind of late and its a weekday.

It was kind of fun and different then drawing in the studio. We got soooo excite when a weird looking person sit across from us or just pass by everytime.... lol. Course they are so much funner to draw then normal looking people! The world need more weird looking people!!!

This is just one of the few sketches I did in the food court. I will post more later. Didnt get alot done that day, I think I spend more time eating my ice-cream than sketching.

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