Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blue clean Pirate

Haven't post anything for awhile. I work on this pirate here and there abit, not until tonite I actually sit down with my coffee and finish all the detail in blue. Lately, I was kind of busy updating my website and all the summer camp poster and stuff. I will post all the new work later. Kind of feel sorry to leave her on my desk for so long. lol

During this stage,  I took the time to add all the details. Took me awhile, but it was fun. There are still some area I need to fix. But for now, I will let it sit for abit and go back to it later. Sometime if you work on something for awhile, you don't see the mistake. Step away from it for awhile and you will see it more clearly.
Its going to take me awhile to ink it.....

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