Monday, May 25, 2015


I have to make soup out of two lizards.... It was interesting seeing them all dry up and all, but cutting them up was no fun at all. I like reptile. I used to have a big lizard as a pet, in fact, more than one at one time. They are pretty cool. I used to have my lizard on my shoulder while i walk around outside. I remember one time i was walking in the airport with my lizard over my shoulder. Why i am at an airport with my pet on my shoulder... I don't really remember much... I think i was taking photo for a photography class. Why, i don't know. But I am sure I look really cool. Imagine a photographer taking photo at people at the airport with lizard on his shoulder!!! o, and I have my long pony tail hair with me at the time, so cool, right. haha. 
Anyway, the lizard soup didn't taste all that good...

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